Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crocheted Dish Towels

Here is my first pair of dish towels that I crocheted to hang on my oven door.  You cut one dish towel in half and crochet a hanger section on the tops of both.  With a button, they hang nicely over your oven door.

I had lost my pattern directions when I re-organized my quilt room.  Isn't that always the way.  Clean it up and never find it again.
So I looked up a few different ones online and finally found one that sounded the same as the one I used in the past.
They came out as expected so now I have to make several pairs from the Xmas prints I have for gifts.  I like to give a small gift to our guests at Thanksgiving which they can use for Xmas.  These have always been nicely appreciated in the past and its time for me to make more this year.  The best thing is its something I can work on while watching TV in the evenings.
Its a Wonderful Day!

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