Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Around the Lake

I took some photos around the lake today.  It was sunny and bright but as you can see, the fall colors are still not at their peak.  The long, warm summer really does make a difference in when the colors will really  burst into brilliance.
I was fascinated by the lovely cloud formation to the West.
Not ten mins. later the clouds changed dramatically.  In the distance you cannot make out the colors, but they aren't full yet.
This is our public beach and boat launch just a mile down the road from my house. 
In this view you can see the tall pampas grasses between the parking lot and the sandy beach beyond the fence.
As for some color, here's a few of the trees changing into their fall costumes along our private road to the house.
This is our main highway, Route 302, only 2 lanes wide but with breakdown lanes.  That exit on the left is one of the two from our public beach.  If you follow this highway long enough, it'll take you to the White Mountains of NH with its several peaks in the Presidential range.  Great hiking trails there but in winter the storms come up so quickly, its very dangerous to be out hiking. 
Along our private road you'll find a huge burning bush on the right at my neighbor's property.  In a couple weeks it'll be a bright ball of red.
I hope to take more photos in the coming days and I'm hoping the days remain sunny even if the temperatures are expected to drop into the 50sF by tomorrow.  I think winter is just around the corner.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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