Saturday, October 24, 2015

I still have color in my own yard.

Its always nice in the fall when the color lasts a bit longer than expected.
I've got color in my yard this year and its near the end of October.  Not only that, but we had one heck of a windy day yesterday that was blowing leaves off the trees by the thousands.
This tall one is lovely with both yellow and red in its leaves.  It sits among tall pines so its noticeable.
I even still have a little red in the back corner.
Today is a very cool day here in Maine, in the 40s, so its a good soup day.  And I'm going to make a big pot of vegetable beef soup today to warm my innards at dinner.  It'll keep me warm while I watch some of my favorite Britcoms on PBS.
Have A Good Day.


  1. That is some nice color on them trees, i am glad you were able to get a shot of them!! Unfortunately up this way trees are brown & almost bare now so no more color for us up this way.

    You know what is weird, i to made soup too, but mine was chicken. I am no much of a red meat eater anymore. Chicken & turkey are my favs especially when cold after being cooked of course lol. :-) Stay warm & happy my friend!!! <3

  2. My favorite soups are veggie beef and chicken rice which I make often during the long winters. I, too, eat quite a bit of chicken but my favorite is turkey. I just don't roast a turkey too often to enjoy as much.