Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rough Drafts of Fairy Wallhangings.

Today its so foggy and gray outdoors, but I feel spring is coming.
I took the time to make a couple of rough draft scenes for future quilted wallhangings.
These will be perfect for the Replique technique (upside-down applique).
The rough draft above is of a fairy resting on a lily pad and waving to a dragon fly.

This is a fairy lying in a bed of flowers outside her toadstool cottage.

I think I might be getting my quilting mojo back.  I want to work on quilt projects.  That's a good sign.   I'll post more as I progress along these lines.
Have a good day.


  1. Love these Sandra....good that you are trying to stretch you mojo into coming back....good on you, glad i came to look and see what you are doing

  2. Today I will choose fabrics. Something special is needed for the wings I think.

  3. Wow you are good at drawing!! I think your fairy quilt(s) will look amazing for you are quite talented!!! You go gal! ;-)

  4. Sandra, your drawings are really good! Maybe a batik fabric for the wings?