Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another inch of rain and everything growing.

I haven't any pictures to share since the rain, but believe me, everything is green and growing.  If I had any red tomatoes, I'm sure they'd be cracking from the swelling of rains.
I'll just share a couple of pesky bugs you might find in your garden.
We all know that ladybugs are our friend.  They eat those aphids by the hundreds to keep our crops safe.  But among the lovely orange and black lovelies, there are a couple that devastate crops as well.  The one above, the Squash Lady Beetle, can be defined by counting the black spots on their bodies.  Squash beetles ALWAYS have 7 black spots on each half of their orangey/yellow bodies.  If you see these, destroy or they'll destroy your crop in days.
The other, above, is the Mexican Bean Beetle.  She has EIGHT distinct spots on each half of her body.  She'll lay eggs on the underside of the leaves and the pesky creatures will hatch and as maturing, eat their way to adulthood. If you want to save your crops for harvest date, pick these off daily.
Being an organic grower, I don't use chemical sprays so I'm out in my small gardens every day, hunting and picking these off.  If you find any eggs on the undersides of leaves, squash those as well.

And as a side note, I was out picking sugar snaps from this 2nd row of peas sown on 4/24.  I've been eating peas for the last week and enjoying it hugely.  The sugar snaps are tasty enough to eat like candy right off the vine.
I hope everyone is enjoying the fruits of their labors this year.  Its still early days in the north for us gardeners, but the crops are growing and will soon fill our tables.
                     Happy Gardening!


  1. Yes I have seen at least the squash beetle. I found I guess what is called a black and white cabbage butterfly and they are what were eating my brassica plants. And probably what is eating my other plants too! I have baby sugar snap snow peas and I can't wait to try the first one! They are one of the only plants that are actually loving the weather we have been having. Well that and the brussel sprouts. I am sad to say that the two days of clouds and rain we just had, have started to destroy my green peeper plants and I was so looking forward to maybe growing some this time
    Oh well what can you do. I am glad you have been able to munch on some of your peas! It is a beautiful day today, thankfully!!! I hope you can enjoy what you can of it!

  2. Have a happy and very safe Independence day!! :-)