Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm sorry to report the blight has hit my garden.

I was hoping for better results this year, thinking that mulching with layers of newspapers would hold off the blight.
As you can see here above, my Lizzanos are paper-mulched yet there's blight creeping up on some of the leaves.  Of course, it could be a combo of natural dying back also, since these are determinates that die off after they produce.
As you can see from my harvest today, there's not much producing right now.  Most tomatoes are still green but I'm grateful for a few red ones for my salads.  And the sugar snap peas are nearing their end.  This is all I got from a 12-ft row of vines.  They are browning on the bottoms quite a bit now.  This would be the time to sow more seeds for a fall harvest, but for me that's not a given.  I'm happy to get a summer harvest.  The work involved to get a fall harvest doesn't suit my life right now.
On a happy note, the birds didn't get ALL the blueberries from my five bushes this year.  Surprise, surprise!  I've got a swallow of two for myself today.  They taste so darn good when fresh off the plants.
I found several nubbins on my broccoli plants harvested earlier.  They'll taste good in a side dish so they'll be harvested for tonite along with the final small head of broccoli still growing in my garden.
I've only harvested one New Girl tomato so far this year and that measures about 2" across.  I'll be eating that one tonite.
Among my Totems, which were the earliest producer this year, I have a couple more measuring around 1 1/2" across.  The plant itself is small, little more than a foot tall.  I already know they are tasty and juicy.  This is a patio tomato I recommend to others.  I only get around a dozen tomatoes per plant, but they are perfect little globes with great taste.  Worth the effort to put in a few as potted plants.
Above are a couple of Lizzanos, another small determinate tomato.  The harvest is more abundant than the Totems, and the taste is pretty darn good so you might want to try one of these in your garden.  For height, it grows about 3' tall and there are many fruits on the branches.
Just a little information that might be helpful gardeners.
Happy Gardening!


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  2. You are very lucky to be having ripened tomatoes, mine are all still green with a tinge of orange coming thru. I did get a few pounds of taters. Me and Phil& Connor went out and harvested them after you told me how yours one year didn't flower but there still spuds underground. So we first checked and were happily surprised at what we found! Connor & His dad had a lot of fun pulling the plants up and digging for the taters in the ground. It was a good day we got all kinds of red potatoes and smiles! :-D