Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'll be saving tomato seeds this year.

To that end, I have bagged 4 varieties I want for the future, none hybrids which would pose a problem of genes.
I make drawstring bags from netting material and cover a branch that is just beginning to show blossom buds forming.  This way I catch them before any bees or bugs can pollinate the blossoms from other tomatoes.  I just have to remember to give the enclosed branch a little shake a couple times a day so it can self-pollinate. Above is Li'l Pink which is an heirloom that is getting hard to find.  I've never grown it before so don't know if its prolific and tasty, but I'll find out this summer.  If its not very good, I won't save it.
Above is one of the two Red Zebra plants from which I'll save seeds.  I know I love this one.  Its not only adorable with its streaking, its tasty and juicy and I love the flavor.
This one above is Mountain Gold.  Many are hybrid, but this one I believe is open-pollinated having been bred from the hybrid several seasons.  I can't be sure what the future will bring, but its worth a try.
This one is a Romeo Roma I planted in the Back40 with some perennials.  Its supposed to be a very tasty sauce-type tomato which I've never grown before, so I'll have to see for myself.
Here in my Broccoli bed with a couple Kale at the far end, I see heads begging to be cut and harvested.  I'll do that tomorrow when the family has returned from their trips so they'll be fresh,  fresh, fresh.  Then I can await the little heads that form around the main stem and are so tender and tasty.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I am taking it easy today with the temps rising.  They say around 80*F today and lots of sunshine.  I don't do well in temps out of the 70s so I'll laze around today.  My beds have been watered well by Mother Nature in the last couple of weeks and the weeds were pulled the other day.  Things are looking good out there.  Now I can just enjoy my time and await harvests.
              Happy Gardening!

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