Thursday, July 23, 2015

Windstorm dropped 1 1/2" more rain

Wow, that windstorm we had on Tuesday nite was a dilly.  I watched the trees sway back and forth in my yard and they were 40-ft tall.  A swathe of high winds tore thru the flower garden in a path about 4-feet wide blowing down veggies and flowers to the ground.  I don't think I lost any.  I got out there to tie up when I could.  Potted plants were knocked on their sides.   Loud thunder claps brought with it heavy rain for a short time.
But all is well.  No real damage here.  I hope others fared as well.
 In checking out the Back40, I see the Totems are starting to turn a bit red.  I like their size and I already know I love their sweet, juicy flavor.

Beside the Totems are a couple Lizzanos now showing some color.  Haven't tasted any of those yet but there's lots of them and they are smaller than the Totems.

I just couldn't resist.  I picked one of the New Girl tomatoes.  I'll let it ripen on the kitchen counter.  I'm so eager to eat fresh tomatoes in my salads.

  On the floral front, I had to dig down to find this rose.  It was buried under stalks of Monarda and Peony bushes from that storm.  But little Fair Bianca survived. 
My Spacemaster cucumber plant is doing well with lots more blossoms.  I hope the bees pollinate these well since its not far from the Monarda that they love so much.
I'm thankful I won't have to water my gardens for a few days.  Less labor for me.  Today is lovely, in the low 70s, low humidity, and sunshine.  Door and windows open, no fan needed.  My kind of Maine day.  No wonder so many people flock to Maine for the summers.  Its usually has wonderful weather.
            Happy Gardening!

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  1. As always I enjoy hearing and seeing how things are going/growing for you! You really got a bit of a weather beat down in your neck of the woods huh. Well we did get rain and gloomy skies, we did not get wind like you did and no hail either. For much of last week we had rainy, gloomy, kind of chilly. My poor feet were like ice for much of last week.

    I've been busy and resting the last several days. I visited with a newly made friend on 2 days consecutively and had to do lots of other home type things, all of which took a lot out of me! My plants are doing a lot better than they were. I know it is because of the warmer weather we were getting. They all just started looking and growing better on the higher temp days. Even my poor little water melon is growing again, though I am not expecting anything from it at all! Glad you got to have a tom with your lunch, it is always nice to get to enjoy the fruits of our labor! :-) Have a wonderful day friend!!