Monday, July 13, 2015

We hit 90*F here in southern Maine

Yes, it was a hot day.  On Sunday, July 12, we hit a rare 90* heat.  Luckily earlier than day my son came over and put my a/c unit in my window to be sure I didn't get too hot, and none too soon.  I had mentioned earlier this year that I could probably do without it but I've since changed my mind.  I think we're going to have a hot summer this year, if these days are anything to go by and the hottest part of our season still ahead of us.
One crop will really like it.   The peppers.
This is the first Cubanelle pepper forming.  The plants are still very small and that's pretty normal for me for some reason.  I don't get large pepper plants.  Maybe its the colder nights that keep them small.  Its usual for nites to hit the 50s and sometimes the low 60s.  They don't seem to get a chance to really get some growth.
The tiny Totem tomatoes in this view above are growing nicely.  Lots of those on these two plants.  All the patio types are now producing lots of little greenies.
Let's not forget the roses.  This is my Teasing Georgia with several more blooms.  They are scattered all over this tall rose bush.  I've also seen my white Fair Bianca loaded with little buds so they'll be opening soon as well.
Here's a better view of my Hosta, Christmas Tree with her white spikey florettes.  The plant is huge as is the leaves and the flower spikes.  I adore the bluish-green color of those large leaves.

Well, I'll be hibernating out of the heat for a day or so and going out to water some of the plants by hand as they need it.  I've been picking sugar snap peas every day and lots of them, giving them to different family members because I can't eat them all myself.  Though I try to eat them like candy every evening instead of chocolate.
               Happy Gardening!

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  1. The sugar snap peas you gave me are so yummy. Tomorrow aim going to make a beef stir fry and will definitely be adding some of the peas. The flavor will be good. See you later today with some goodies for you.