Thursday, July 9, 2015

Funny how the yellow roses are blooming first.

Among my roses, it seems the yellow ones are blooming first.  The white and pinks and red ones are not blooming at all.
This one above is Teasing Georgia, a light apricot David Austin rose.
This is a long view.  Look at all the blossoms growing on those branches.  I can't count the numbers.
I've also lots of tomato babies eager to grow.  This one above is Tumbling Tiger, a patio variety. 

Look at all those babies above, on the two Totem tomato plants, also a patio variety.  I'm really eager to see reds but so far, only green ones.
Lizzano is from seeds given to me and there are babies and lots more blossoms showing on this one in the Back40 where I have 2 of them.

This is the Lizzano in the pot in the flower bed.  Lots of blossoms showing here but no babies yet.  I transplanted this one a few days after the others.

Blossoms are popping on the Red Zebra tomato that's bagged.  Actually blossoms are on both plants.

If anyone likes Bleeding Hearts and is sorry to see them fade away in spring, you should try a Dwarf Reblooming Bleeding Heart.  They blossom in early spring, fade a bit, then come back a few more times during the summer season.  Here's mine showing more fresh flowers today.

And how about Hostas.  This one, with its lavender flowers just starting to bloom, is Birchwood Parky's Gold.  The leaves are lime green and bright and the flowers tall and lavender.

This Hosta I love for its white flower spikes.  They are just forming now and not too tall, but they are from the Christmas Tree variety with the huge blue-green leaves and will be quite robust when in full flower.  The leaves in the forefront are from a pink Bleeding Heart that has already faded for the season.
I have more than just tomatoes in my flower garden.  In this section I have, left to right, Salvia, Greek Oregano and Winterbor Kale.  The yellow flowers are African Marigolds.  The bits of flowers on the right are the ends of the peonies which were so pretty for the early season, but leave us and go to sleep much too early each year.

And what else did I do today?  I went to my friend's house for Game Day.  We played Phase Ten, a game of cards, but we also ate, and ate well.  My buddy is a great cook compared to me.  I'm a plain cook and my recipe file is very limited.  Besides, I just don't like to cook unless I have to keep myself alive. 
Our lunch was ham, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob, with 3 types of dessert.  I'm not much for desserts so I had half a cinnamon roll and will save the rest for breakfast tomorrow. 
Thank you friend for a very good meal today.  I even had seconds on the ham.  Mmmmm good!

I hope everyone is having a good day and a good weekend is coming up for you.  Today our temps were mid-70sF with lower humidity than yesterday which was a good thing.  With a fan going, I'm as comfy as a bug in a rug.  The weekend was supposed to be 70s and 80sF and sunny, but now they think rain is coming in Sunday night.  Nonetheless, there's some good days before then, so I hope those here in Maine enjoy them to the fullest.
      Happy Gardening!

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  1. Glad you liked our dinner. I made a pea soup last night with lots of ham and also potato salad. Bringing some over for you along with more ham. Looks like you will have lots of tomatoes.