Saturday, July 4, 2015

Wishing you a nice Independence Day today.

If you are lucky like us, the weather is a nice range in the 70sF today with a bit of clouds coming in later to cool us down.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain until after the fireworks displays in the many towns around here and the biggest in the city of Portland Maine from a barge on Casco Bay.  That attracts thousands of people to watch every year and the site is an amazing area of beautiful bay, lots of islands in view, Fort Gorges sitting in the middle (built to protect us from the British) and a vast promenade of green grass, soft ball field, tennis courts, boat launch and public bathing beach.  There's even a narrow-gauge train that shuffles visitors along the shoreline.  Its stunning.  I know because I used to live a half block up from that vast promenade.
Today was a day of rest for me, more or less.  I mixed liquid fertilizer for the crops and some of the flowers and got that handled today with a couple of rests in between.   I picked more sugar snap peas.  Yum Yum!
And took a few pictures:
This my friends, is an Epimedium.  Its a cute plant that blooms only in the late spring and early summer.  I think of the little flowers as fairies.  Their shape is unique.
Above are the potted Spacemaster cucumbers.  I've thinned them again, down to 5 plants.  I know I need to remove a couple more, but I really don't want to.  They are all so lovely and healthy.  Maybe if I use liquid fertilizer on them they will produce well even from a container.
My one and only Sage plant above is doing well with the little purple Ageratum and the yellow African Marigolds around.  I've never grown African Marigolds.  I'm curious to see how large they get and how prolific.  They are just now starting to increase in numbers.
Above are the two Legend tomatoes I planted together.  They are still healthy, no disease evident, and producing blossoms on both plants.  This is my experiment to see if I can get good production from planting more than one tomato plant together.
The little darling above is a Totem tomato, a patio variety.  This one I thought I was going to lose from too much rain in weeks past.  The leaves furled quite a lot and the poor thing looked like it wouldn't last a week.  But with sunshine and warmth, it perked right up and produced blossoms and now a cute tomato.  The first of several I hope. Its looking very healthy indeed.

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