Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another rose is blossoming.

I love several types of flowers, among them my roses.  I have David Austin English roses because they aren't as persnickety as hybrid tea roses.  They are lovely and their scents are diverse and distinctive.
I'm happy to report that bright yellow Charlotte is finally coming into bloom.  I love the brightness of her color.  I see a few other roses sporting buds now and I'm pleased.  I know I'll have a fight on my hands when the Japanese beetles descend.  They attack my roses and my peas every year. 
A gardener friend on the SFG forum where we practice square-foot gardening (my Back40 is my SFG), sent me Lizzano tomato seeds this spring.  I started a few seeds.  Two plants are in the Back40 greenhouse bed that I can cover when its cold or when insects descend on the garden.  They are showing many little baby greenies.  This one is in a pot in my flower garden and doing marvelously.  No greenies yet, but lots of yellow blossoms so I think I'll have lots of tomatoes soon. 
I harvested more sugar snap peas today and gave a friend fresh parsley for her cooking efforts.  Since I harvested 3 broccolis for my daughter-in-law last evening, I only have 3 broccoli plants left.  The heads are still a bit small on these last 3.  But when one harvests the main head on a broccoli plant, little broccoli spears pop up around the stem and make for some fresh veggies so that will mean more to eat in my future.

Our temps today here in southwestern Maine are in the mid-70sF and humid.  We're expecting rain by tonite and into tomorrow morning, then clearing.  The next several days should be ranging from 70s to low-80s and sunshine.  Great weather for tourists that are here at our many lakes and miles of white sandy ocean beaches. 
      Happy Gardening!


  1. All your plants are doing very well! I've been able to eat a few sugar snap peas and couple string beans here and there. I have little baby tomatoes starting and my Nasturtiums are blossoming, which is nice I like their shape, as well as the shape of the leaves and stems.

    The weather has been nice enough up this way to take my little guy to the beach and boy did he have a blast swimming! He learned how to swim 4 years ago and every summer he is nervous that he has forgotten how but soon as he hits the water he becomes a fish.

    I hope your family enjoyed your fresh broccoli it did look quite yummy! I am a broccoli lover too! Oh and I think I may just get a green pepper because even though my plants look kind of poor they are blooming buds. That is something I've not been able to achieve before.

    We also have been trying to fill our pool. It is a slow going process since our pump is being a brat! We are trying to save up enough to get a new submersible water pump so we don't have to have any more water loss or troubles! It really has been a huge pain in the you know what! Luckily we are able to pull up and then put back down the pump as we have done it many times before.

    Speaking of water I better go shut off ours so it can recharge and then we can get back to filling our pool. WE are hoping to have it up and running by Lincoln home coming weekend, which is next weekend.....I think, lol. Anyways love the updates and pics on your beautiful garden! I am glad things have been going well for you, take care until we chat again! :-)

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad to hear your garden is finally giving you some crops. It always amazes me when the food comes forth and the flavor is so darn good. Enjoy.