Wednesday, July 29, 2015

High temps are coming.

In Maine, high temps are in the 80sF and that's what we're getting this week.  The good news is that nitetime temps will drop to the 60s so its livable.
I don't take kindly to high temps.  That means more time indoors away from the heat.  It also means changing the hummer feeders more often to keep their water fresh.  They appreciate it.
The garden, though, is loving these temps.  The tomatoes can grow and ripen, the cucumbers can start forming, and the peppers.  My sugar snap peas will be fading out quickly now so I'm taking advantage and picking them as fast as I can and giving them out to friends and relatives as well as eating them fresh from the garden.
The asparagus bed is a world of asparagus fern.
Another good thing are the dwarf apple trees.  Such an abundance of fruit this year for Honey Crisps and Fujis.  They are still green, but soon now I'll be picking fresh apples to share with the family.
I hope everyone is getting an abundance of fresh veggies and fruit from their home gardens.
    Happy Gardening!

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  1. Maybe not an abundance but at least I do have something to harvest, :-)