Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Warm Day in Maine

We enjoyed another warm day in Maine, not as hot as yesterday (90F) but in the 80s today.  Still, wasn't too bad.  We get a nice breeze off the river most of the time.

I had a new experience with shopping.  I took the Parks and Recreation Van.  It took a long time, but I met some nice new folks and the trip along Maine secondary roads to pick up others, was so beautiful.  We passed 2 dairy farms, a sheep farm and a horse farm and another place with a horse in a paddock.  The pastures are lush and green.  The trees in full leaf.  Just gorgeous for traveling in an a/c van.  The driver was very agreeable with taking us to any shop we desired as long as it was within our town limits.  That means most of us shopped at what I like to call "The Shopping Mile" where we find so many stores including 2 grocery chains, pet shops, banks, the P.O., Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, a couple of drugstores, Goodwill, Dollar Tree, fast food places and just about anything one wanted.  I only needed to buy from 2 stores so I brought along a book to read in between gathering others that shopped at other stores.  The driver was very kind and after checking with us to see which stops were required, seemed to have a great handle on what stores to stop at first and when to pick up the shoppers.  There were 7 of us passengers.
My stop is the first for picking up, then there are the other folks along the way and our driver drove right up to their doors.  Being the first ones, that meant we (a neighbor and I) were the first ones on the van and the last off.  The trip took 4 hours. 
Its a nice way to spend time, chatting with others, riding along lovely roadways, getting to shop where one needed. 
Our group are the Wednesday morning bunch so every Wed. morning I can take the van to shop wherever I need be.  I think I'm going to enjoy this experience and also enjoy the socialization.

By the time I got home (one p.m.) the dog needed her quick walkie.  She was very good.  Crated with the a/c going and a fan also.  I leave the TV on so she thinks I'm home and won't get antsy about being alone.  I checked with a neighbor and he reported she did not cry and whine or bark so that's a good thing.  She's very good about being quiet in her crate and seems to enjoy it.   I leave her crate door open at all times when I'm home and I sometimes find her snoozing in her crate during the day.  I think its a safe den for her.

Anyway, I was hungry by then so made myself an Italian sandwich for lunch and took out frozen pizza dough from the freezer for later.  Suppertime it was homemade pepperoni and hamburger pizza to fill my tummy.

I put some olive oil in a small bowl and add garlic pepper to it.  Then I brush the edges of my dough with this mixture.  It makes a tasty crust, one I will eat.  I'm not a person that enjoys hard and crusty foods so this concoction makes the edges palatable for me, and tasty. 
Here's one of the pizzas.  I have enough left over for another meal or two.

Here's the 2nd pizza I saved for tonite's snacking while watching TV.
 I'm going to a bean supper tonite in our Gathering Room here where one of our residents will speak on his service during WWII.  He's 95 and very alert, active and still driving his car.  I sometimes wish I had his energy.
The Bean Supper is to raise funds for a charity event happening in Boston soon.

Today its a sunny day but cooler, after a nite dropping into the 50sF,  thank goodness, and they are working on the dam.  I can watch them thru my windows as they progress.  I can now view a new, much shorter waterfall into the reservoir. 
The new plan will manage the waters better.  I imagine when the reservoir is at capacity, this shorter water fall disappears and the larger one beyond takes over.

Along the reservoir, the walls are being replaced after much wear and tear.

This above is what a foot-long Italian Sandwich looks like.  This one I've filled with only my favorite items: oodles of cooked sliced ham, lots of Land 'Lakes American Cheese, sliced tomatoes and onions, and good Olive Oil with salt and pepper.  I rarely add the usual green peppers, olives and pickles.

Have a good day.

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