Friday, June 9, 2017

My Contairer Garden Today, June 9th.

I was surprised when I got to my local grocery store and they had some tomato plants for sale.  All very healthy-looking, too.  I had to indulge since I had one large pot being wasted on a thyme and 2 lettuce plants.  So I came home with it and have since transplanted my little garden.
This is Patio Tomato in its pot when I bought it.  Its a good size and in a larger pot than some of the other varieties they had for sale.

Notice the size difference of Patio compared to the two Better Bush tomatoes to its right.  Its off to a good start.

Here are the four tomatoes I will grow this summer: L to R: Patio, two Better Bush and Red Pride on the right.

I had to transplant my Lemon Thyme and two leaf lettuces into my shallower pot in which they should do well.  Lemon thyme is an annual so won't winter over like English thyme would have.

                      Some of the flowers in our garden here, Siberian iris around the birch tree.

                                                        Here's a lovely mauve Iris.

And this lovely deep purple Iris.  I adore Iris in any color and to see such a colorful display in our garden this spring makes me smile.

                                                       Have a Good Day!

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