Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Container Garden is Doing Fine.

I am enjoying my container garden this year.  I had to cut back on gardening but having tomatoes in pots is fine with me.  I don't have to struggle as much with the garden efforts.
L to R: Patio, and two Better Bush maters.  All have yellow blossoms on them and each day I shake their branches at least twice so the pollen can disburse and make little tomatoes.

This one is Red Pride, the last of my four tomato containers.  It was the smallest, but its quickly outgrowing the others at this point.
We've had just enough rain so that I rarely have to water these.  They are keeping quite moist most of the time but of course, here in Maine, we don't have the blistering heat they have in the south.  That also means our warm-weather veggies take longer to come to harvest.

My favorite assistant gardener above, my corgi Penny always joins me.  She knows the routine; check out the maters and shake their limbs before going back indoors. 
These are L to R: Patio, two Better Bush and Red Pride on the right.  As you can see, all are very healthy with dark green leaves and sturdy branches very capable of hosting lots of tomatoes.

Have a Nice Day.

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  1. nice looking tom plants you have there!! Only time will tell if anything good is happening under my onion stems. root veggies can be misleading because it can look like things are fine above ground but when its harvest time i tend to find things to be much smaller, lol