Saturday, June 3, 2017

I Had To Buy Veggie Plants Locally

I was very disappointed with Territorial Seed because as of today, June 3rd, my shipment of tomato plants and thyme, promised to be mailed out mid-May, has not arrived.  Nor have they even notified me they were shipped, as one of their employees emailed me when I queried on their whereabouts.  She stated when they were shipped, I would receive an email giving the tracking info.
So today, I just sent TS an email to cancel my shipment and refund my money.
When a company states they will ship out before the end of May, one expects them to honor that statement.  Its a shame, because I've had good dealings with them in the past.

Lucky for me when I shopped for groceries in a more distant town yesterday, I stopped at their local Lowe's.  I picked up 3 tomato plants and a lemon thyme on a whim.  I thought if my shipment comes, great and I can donate these to the local community garden because I would have too many for the number of containers I bought this year.  But it looks like I will have a surplus of pots on hand.

Above, from left to right: Lemon Thyme,  Red Pride tomato, and 2 Better Bush tomatoes.

These are what Red Pride looks like after harvest.  Its a Determinate that only grows 2-3 feet tall with fruits in the 12-14 oz. range.

This picture is one of Bonnie's Better Bush.  These are from a Determinate bush  3-5 feet tall with an 8 oz fruit.

As for Lemon Thyme, I love fresh thyme in my fish and tomato and chicken dishes.  It seems to go with just about everything.  And the lemon flavor is an added bonus.

In our garden today the Irises are starting to bloom.  I adore Irises.
Here's some of them in this patch of garden.

A close-up of one of them.

The chives and the oregano are doing well in the big planter.

Have a good day.

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  1. Wow that is not very good service from them & i would have done the same thing in cancelling as we only have a short amount of time to get things growing & harvested before the weather tells us time is up! I don't know if our irises are going to come up as they are not growing well. Right now we only have grass no stems or buds. :-( But the Peonies are coming along okay even the one i transplanted is doing good & i was worried i may have killed it but nope :-) Oh i meant to tell you that i like your towels & i know your quilt is going to be a beauty when you finish & great things take time :-)