Monday, June 19, 2017

Interesting Day With Sunshine Rain

The day began sort of hazy really early, then turned warm (86*F) and sunny.  I watched a huge snapping turtle trying to find a safe spot to lay her eggs at seven a.m.  She was settling into a hole she made under the rose hedgerow, when the fire trucks showed up.  I guess she didn't like the palaver which was only 30 feet from her chosen spot.  She left and wandered further along.  She was huge.
Here's the hole she dug under the hedgerow, and then abandoned it. 

Here's the group that showed up beside the reservoir.  They come to drain their hoses and flush the pumpers, from several town around us.  This is a popular spot for many of the firefighters around our area.

More waited across the road for their turns.   The pathway is ours that leads to our back patio from the sidewalk near the bridge.

And even more.  It was like 'old home week' for the firefighters today.  They were here for several hours.  They arrived at 7 in the morning and at noon they were still here.

When the rain came pouring down, while the sun was still shining, they all got into their rigs and took off.  I'm sure they must have been finished with what was needed by then.  They usually don't take that long to clear the systems.  They even put up a marquee to keep out of the sun which you can see in royal blue in 2nd photo.

I was quite happy today to find that one of my Better Bush Tomato plants has yellow blossoms starting.
That means more tomatoes for me this season.  The other two have yet to show blossoms, another Better Bush and Red Pride.

Have a Good Day.

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