Thursday, June 8, 2017

More Photos of the Geese Families

I got some pictures early last evening while the geese were strolling along our garden's edge.
This is what I now call the First Family with their 7 balls of fluff growing quite a bit.  They are very caring of their brood.  See the wild rose bushes that line the edge of our back lawn.  They are just coming into bud and bloom. 

This is the 2nd family now being raised nearby.  This goose only has 2 little ones and the other parent is nowhere to be seen.  They seem to be hanging out with the First Family but not too close, maybe for the security of the Daddy who keeps watch over his brood.

I wanted to show you how my Penny rolls over when we come indoors so I can rub her underpinnings and feet and legs dry with a towel before getting on the elevator.  I don't want to bring a wet dog into my carpeted apartment.  She does this roll-over when I ask her, and she seems to love the rubbing, especially her tummy.  And she waits for me to not only get the front paws wiped, but the back ones as well before getting up.  She knows the routine.

Have a Good Day.


  1. Those photos of the geese are adorable & it is sad that the daddy is missing from the smaller family! I hope the bigger family with a daddy is decent enough to let them stay nearby like they try to do!! Or family of geese also do not have a daddy. I think something happened to him we do have a lot of coyotes on our road. Momma sure does a good job taking care of her lil ones all by herself.

  2. Miss Penny is such an adorably good girl!! <3

  3. A neighbor has spotted a Fisher around so we think he may have been taken by the Fisher defending his brood and maybe even lost a few babies since there are only two balls of fluff.