Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The First Family Geese Are Now Teenagers.

 I hadn't see the Canada Geese Family for several days and wondered how they were doing.  Then it rained today, I mean it came down in buckets.  The First Family were out on our back lawn grazing.

They are really large and have their feathers now and their colors.  I'd say they are teenagers.

Here's one in front of his Mom and they were weaving their long necks back and forth and conversing together.   As you can see, baby is nearly as large as his Mom.

That's Dad on the right continuing his job as security guard.  He stands so rigid and keeps watch over his brood.

As you can see in this closer view, they are all nearly all in their colors and all feathered out, with the exception of a couple that must have been the later hatchlings in the group.  Still a lot of gray on them.
Have a Nice Day.

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