Monday, May 29, 2017

Goslings Were Stretching Their Wings Today.

I'm happy to report on our little Nature family that all is well.  I got a few pix of them on their rounds this morning.  They were even being shown how to run and stretch out those fluffy wings.  It was so cute to watch them running and spreading out those fluffs of feathers.  None got off the ground, but I'm sure Mom and Dad want them to get stronger before they take a hop or two.
They are heading for their grazing area after a bit of stretching.

Here you can see number 4 from the left as he settled back down on the ground behind his sibling.  They are a joy to watch every day.

For those that have family now and in the past, or themselves, serving our Country, and many giving their all to keep us free, I want to Thank You.

Have a Good Day.

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