Friday, May 26, 2017

All 7 Goslings Growing Well.

Mom and Dad took their brood for a walk today, grazing as they strolled.  Dad stayed on sentry duty watching all around them carefully while Mom grazed and strolled with the seven (7) babies.
I was so thrilled to see them all.  I hadn't seen them for several days and the last time I saw Mom and Dad, no babies joined them in their walk.  They must have been in their nest dozing and staying safe. 
Here's Mom and her brood near a rain puddle.  Its rained and rained the last day and a half but its now stopped at last.

Mom keeps pretty close to her balls of fluff, and Dad stays alert and at the ready looking to warn his family if needed.

A puddle interests one of the brood.

Another nice thing about today, I could see a pair of sparrows making this birdhouse their home.  They flitted in and out of the hole today.

Even the swallow condo saw activity today.  I saw at least 3 flitting around the birdhouse today checking it out. 

The day may have started out dark and drizzly, but it ended up on a high note.
Have a Good Day.

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