Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My First Harvest 2017

I had to trim off some lettuce leaves with brown on them from too much rain, I think.
My 2 pots of leafy lettuce.  A few leaves have brown on them.

But in trimming off the browns, I also lifted a few nice leaves for my salad today.  Nice and green and crisp.  Mmmmm, good.  My very first harvest here.

Our garden areas are greening up and the grass is quite lush after all the rain.  The blue bags of potting soil in this photo are mine, awaiting my tomato plants.

The moss bed is ripe with tiny lavender flowers.

The tulips are still blooming and some have yet to flower.
Spring has sprung and I eagerly await the arrival of my tomato and thyme plants in the mail either this week or next. 

Maintenance has put my a/c unit in my living room window and with the temps. rising to the low 70sF today, it was most welcome.  Its already running to salute the season.
Penny and I sat outside today with me reading my book and she smelling the plants and then lying in the shade of my bench.  I'm really lovin' it.

Have a nice day.

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