Monday, May 8, 2017

Early FLowers In Bloom

Its early May here in Maine and still we only have a few flowers blooming.  The daffodils and now the tulips are waving their pretty heads.
In our plot we have them in red and yellow so far.   Some are still in buds so I don't know if they will be different.

Our Daffies range from yellow, to yellow and whites, to white like these above.  Its always nice to see the early flowers knowing that the color range of more blossoms are in the near future.

I planned to get out and buy some more things necessary for my container gardening efforts for this year but by the time I got myself fed, showered and dressed, the rains began.  From the forecast it looks like rain here for the next 3 days.  It won't be til Thursday before I can get out to the gardening centers.  They are all outdoors so rain defeats my shopping efforts this week.  I guess that means sewing for me the next few days.  I am still in the middle of a couple of wall hangings so I won't necessarily be idle.
I can also get on YouTube and watch some of my favorite channels.  I enjoy watching several of the homesteading families in their endeavors to make a good life for themselves full of good food and activities, teaching their children respect for animals and giving them chores they enjoy.  Its a good life.
Have a good day.

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