Saturday, May 20, 2017

Its Always Nice To See Friends

Today a couple of friends stopped in to see my new place.  They hadn't been here before and we have missed our gardening efforts together from years past when I was a member of the community garden.  I'm told they got a later start this year but plans are being made for some improvements including a rail fence around the Children's Garden and a Pergola.  I hope to visit the garden this summer to see how things are progressing.

Here its been a nice sunny day with temps only in the 60sF and a nice cooling breeze wafting over the river.  Loving it.  I just watered my lettuces.  They are looking healthy and the radishes are starting to shove thru the soil so I hope to harvest those sometime next month as well.

No tomatoes or thyme plants delivered today but hoping by mid-week next week to see them arrive.  They would be traveling when the heat is not as oppressive which is a good thing.

Have a nice day.

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