Thursday, May 11, 2017

To Diffuse Plant Sunshine.

I have African Violets on my windowsill.  Knowing how they are sensitive to too much sunshine, I had to figure out how to care for them.  I chose netting and a tension rod in my window.
The tension rod slips in between the window nicely and I can set it lower or higher according to the length of the netting.
I bought a yard of white netting, doubled it over the tension rod, and that is what will diffuse the hot sunlight between the sun and my plants.  African violets do well in lesser light.  Even though this is a southeast window, it gets pretty warm in this window.

They have already gone thru one flush of flowers and now that they've been cut back, they are starting to re-blossom for more color.

I was a bit hungry for something sweet last nite so I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I buy the package cookies, but add walnuts and more choc. chips to my recipe.  I love nutsand chocolate.
I always bake them on parchment paper because I love softer cookies, not crisp ones.   Parchment keeps their bottoms from overcooking as well.  I enjoyed my snack last nite.

Have a good day.

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