Monday, May 15, 2017

Baby Goslings Make Their Debut

What a wonderful surprise awaited me this afternoon.  The pair of Canada Geese that have visited us earlier made a return visit today, and they were not alone.
They had their 6 hatchings with them.
Here they are strutting proudly atop the reservoir banking.  They have 6 downy figures trotting around them.

In this one you can count the little fuzzy babies.  I counted and recounted at different moments, and the total I've seen is six.

Their fuzz is still a dark yellow so they must be only hours or a day old.

They don't let momma out of their sight.

It was such a joy after all this rain, rain, rain.  It evidently didn't bother momma and poppa Canada Goose in rearing their hatchlings.

The rain didn't hurt our garden at all.
Flowers are blooming in force.  If you look closely you can see the adult Canada Geese in this photo to the right of the left tree in the background.  Very small in the distance, but visible.

I'm so pleased to share this news with you.
Have a good day.

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