Monday, May 15, 2017

We Got a Rainy Nor'easter.

Yes, the rains came again.  I know that a gardener acquaintance in nearby NH got 4" of snow the other morning.  What a surprise with her tomatoes and greens already out and growing.  At least it wasn't cold so I think the plants were saved after brushing away the snow.

Here we are getting rain for the 2 days.  I moved my lettuce pots beneath a patio bench under the overhang after they got enuf of Mother Nature's watering.  They were quite happy there for nearly 2 days.  I don't see any radish greens poking thru yet but its early days.

My son stopped by with gifts for me for Mother's Day.  My daughter phoned and we talked for close to an hour.  It was a pleasant day for me.

Today I just finished making some chicken rice soup.  It tasted good.  I'll have enough for several days of meals now.

Tomorrow the maintenance guy comes to put our window a/c's in for us here in the building.  What doesn't get done tomorrow will have to wait for 8 days forward.  I hope mine gets in tomorrow with high 70sF predicted for Wednesday.  This little apt. gets awfully hot in the summer, I'm sure.  When I moved in here in October, it was way too hot.  I had 2 large floor fans going to keep me comfy.  Quite a change from a basement apt. underground on 3 sides where I rarely needed to turn on the a/c.  I think maybe 3 days a year since I bought the thing 3 years ago.

If it doesn't come to pass for another week, I have my fans at the ready.  I like to stay comfy.

I hope my tomatoes and thyme, ordered online, get here next week.  I'm eager to get them planted in their pots for the season.  My lettuces are looking really good and healthy.

I'm really going to miss my raised beds that kept me so busy for the last 6 years.  But oh, what a wonderful busy it was.
I loved starting my own seeds under lights so I could have the varieties I most preferred, like the tomatoes and peppers above in 2011

Then I could harden them off on my garden bench in their large 2- and some 3-liter air-pruning soda bottles.  They got a great and healthy start.  Again, these are from 2011.

Of course, with age, the hard work thankfully, is a thing of the past and I will have to be content with some container veggies this year.  I know it will put a smile on my face. I'll keep you posted on how things are growing for me here.

Have a good day.

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