Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Leafy Lettuce is Transplanted Outdoors Today

I got my leafy lettuce transplanted outdoors today.  I only have 6 of them because of the number of pots I happen to have available.  I also sowed some radish seeds between the lettuces.
These are the only two containers for lettuce that I have right now.  I will grow them as 'cut and come again' crops.  When they get bigger, I will cut them down to about an inch from the bottom and eat the harvest.  Then they can regrow big again.  I've done this up to four times a season with leafy lettuce and it always works just fine.  By then it gets too warm and the lettuce goes to seed.  With this method, though, I get quite a few meals this way.

A closer look at the small pot with only 2 lettuces in it.  There's just enough room for them to grow another several inches and then I can enjoy them in a salad.

I sowed French Dressing radishes in the rectangular pot and Cherry Belles in the round pot.  I will do the same when my tomato plants arrive and I get them transplanted.

It feels good to know I can still 'garden' in my apartment complex.  I'm loving it here more and more all the time.  Next week my air conditioner will get put in by maintenance for the season which is needed here.  It gets quite warm I noticed last fall when I moved in here. 

Have a nice day.

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