Monday, May 22, 2017

Water Lily Fairy Wall Hanging is Finished

I finally finished this wall hanging after dithering around it for a few weeks.  I saw a program on how to add flange binding and thought this the ideal situation for a flange approach Water Lily Fairy.

Flange Binding is actually binding with an accent border already attached.

Water Lily Fairy is 14" wide by 18" long and I finished it in a stained-glass block method instead of quilting it.

Here's how the flange binding looks when its added.  I like it.  It gives a nice accent piece before the final binding, but its all done in one piece.  Normally, when I do an accent border, I have to put that on first then add the binding later.  This flange method skips that step and another good thing is one can machine-sew it down and not do the tedious hand-stitching which takes lots of time.  Believe me, I know.  I usually hand-hem my bindings and they can take several hours.

Here's one close-up.  I made this pattern from a free-hand drawing of my own.  Then I stitched on the pieces in Replique, which is an upside-down type of applique.  One works from the back as opposed to appliqueing from the front.

Another close-up.  The black satin-stitching that holds the pattern pieces in place tends to have a stained-glass look.

Another close-up shot.  I like to work in fancy fabrics for these because, being wall hangings, they don't get washed like quilts and snugglers do.  An occasional vacuuming works best.  So fancy nets and beaded fabrics and even buttons and decals, can be used in Replique.

Have a good day.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful work of art!!!!! I especially like the dragonfly & the color of the fairies wings!!!