Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A few more flower pictures.

After a couple of days of drizzle, the soil was well watered and the plants loving it.  I think we got a total of nearly 3/4" of rain in 4 days.  Not much but enough to keep plants happy.
You can't see this too well, but its the first blossom on my Carnaby Clematis vine.  Its in 2 shades of pink.  I only have a couple Clematis and the Multi-Blue took a beating last winter so I don't know if it will recover enough to blossom this year.

This Peony is just starting to open its blossoms, Karl Rosenfield.  I love the beautiful shade of red of this double-blossomed peony.  Its so lovely.

The earliest peony, above, is my Japanese variety for which I can't remember the name  Its lost in the innards of my old computer, I'm afraid.

This Honeysuckle bush growing up the outside of the front Farmer's porch is rich is flowers.  It amazes me that in the winter you can't find a branch, but when spring arrives, it starts its upward growth from beneath the soil and fills in so beautifully.

As for crops, the closest I am to harvesting anything would be these sugar snap peas that are blossoming.  I know the tomatoes will follow behind but I'm eager to taste the sugar snaps.  I tried some Super Sugar Snaps last year and for my taste buds, I think the original Sugar Snaps taste better so I only planted these this year.  When one has a small garden, one must grow what one really enjoys eating. 

In Maine this week we are going to have fabulous weather.  That's what I love about living here.  The winters may be long and white and cold, but in the spring and summer, its wonderful.  Temps will be in the 70sF daytimes and in  the 50s and 60sF nights.  A little rain might fall on Thurs late at nite and very early Friday which makes for a great daytime later.
You can sleep with the windows open at night and leave the doors open daytimes if its screened, to defeat the insects.   At this time of year, the insects are not too prevalent as they will be in late July and August.
I'm sure the tourists are loving this week as are the residents like me.    
                  Happy Gardening!!


  1. Okay so I did some searching and I've found some names of Japanese Peonies that resemble yours. So i found 5 Japanese Peonies that resembled yours and 2 non Japanese, so here they are- Japanese: Bowl of Beauty, Doreen, Le Charme, Mikado and Westerner. Now for the non Jap ones: Juila Rose, and Sea Shell. Do any of these sound familiar?

    This morning i woke up to a wonderful treat, 3 of our Festiva Maxima Peonies have completely bloomed and 7 more should be open before this day is through! I have to say i am a bit envious of you and your Sugar Snap Peas. Mine are still not big enough to produce any yet but they are growing nicely, and so are my Brussel Sprouts and 2 of my Lettuces. I've got 4 other Lettuce plants but they are not doing even as close to as good as the other 2. Not sure why either! I failed on my carrots again, not sure why either! I will try another planting.

    As far as my toms i don't think i'll be getting any, because of them struggling so much since i put them out. I never did that newspaper thing like you. I think it is too late now for any recovery tactics! Well i suppose i should stop here before i write a book, lol. But i do hope you are doing well and i wish you a absolutely wonderful day friend! <3 :-)

  2. My Japanese Peony has a Japanese name, like Shihnamata or something equally hard to remember for this old brain. I have Bowl of Beauty, too, and that's my 3rd peony and just starting to form blossoms.
    Sorry about your tomatoes. Its early days yet. They may recover just fine when it gets warmer. Have you tried feeding them with some liquid fertilizer? Maybe the starting soil didn't give them enough nutrition before you transplanted them.
    As for carrots, I gave up on those last year. They have to be kept moist so often and getting to the Back40 has always been an issue for me so I don't bother to grow them when I can buy them as often as I use them (not often).
    My Sugar Snaps are just into blossom now, not peas yet.
    Its very early in the season so crops are not being harvested here yet, except for the asparagus and now I'm letting those go back to see. Good luck with your garden.

  3. I wish we lived closer to each other so I could pick you up today and we could go on the Peony tour! I mean who better to go with me then a fellow flower lover! Especially since we both love and grow Peonies.

    But alas i'll be going by myself, because the people that were going with me changed their minds because there was something else better that they could be doing this morning, according to them anyways!

    To be honest I am a little nervous about going by myself, but I am sure all will be fine!
    I am bringing my camera and will be taking some photos and when I get back home i'll show them to you via email. Have you ever been on a garden tour? If so how was it?

    Oh geez I didn't realize what time it is. I better start getting ready. I hope this weekend treats you good, have a nice day, take care and i'll report back to later today. :-D

  4. I hope you have a marvelous time. Just seeing all the varieties and colors should make it a grand day for you. Enjoy.