Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Sweet Peppers were transplanted today.

I've finally decided the weather is good enuf to transplant my sweet peppers outdoors.  I will cover them on the nites in the 40sF and hope for the best.  I also put a few transplants in pots.
In the covered raised bed above I added 2 Jimmy Nardello,1 Mini-Red Bell, 1 Lunchbox, 1 Lipstick, and 1 Mohawk Yellow Bell to join the 2 Cubanelles (larger ones) already there.  If nites get too cool, I just zip up the plastic cover over it and it stays nice and cozy.  The Mini-variety tomatoes are growing well with their newspaper mulch to the left of the peppers.  This year I just started sweet peppers.  I'm not into hot ones at all.
Above:  In the flower bed outside my kitchen doors, I added pots of sweet peppers and put cloches over them for the nite.  In the blue pot far right I put my first Genovese Basil plant for the season.  I think I'll have to add the other Basil seedlings to the Back 40 somewhere.  My flower bed has hardly any room left, or at least none that gets enuf sunlight during the day.
I found two smaller blue pots in my searching in the garden room, so those are reserved for a Lilac Bell pepper and a Mini-Red pepper that I have left over and don't want to waste.   Tomorrow means another bit of planting.
Above:  A better photo of my Salvias in a raised bed.  Those are 3 New Girl Tomatoes under newspaper mulch behind them.  And on the left in the bed I seeded Peach Melba nasturtiums and some Malva seeds.  The Malva won't get very big this year but they are a perennial and they'll be larger next year and the nasturtiums won't be there to crowd them.  The bits of white flower you can see lower left in the photo is an edge of my English Daisies.
Above:  The Spacemaster cukes are sown in that blue pot on the right.  I'm using a tomato cage for them so they don't sprawl.  To its left are a few caged Determinate tomatoes and with tall poles, a couple of Indeterminate tomatoes.  That area will surely fill in as time progresses.  The greenery behind is the Raspberry Monarda.  And behind the blue pot against the front farmer's porch is the Honeysuckle bush. 
And this photo above, is a scene not many months back when we were having all that snow last season.  We got more than we wanted or needed but I'm sure the snowmelt eventually filled the groundwater sources with much needed water reserves so our wells shouldn't run dry in the summer.
That's my son's Golden retriever Daisy who always plows thru the snow first to make a snowpath for my short-legged corgi Penny.  Penny actually will wait inside the door for Daisyto come down to my apt. and go out the door first so she can make a pathway.
Well, I'm heading for my dinner table.  Leftover potato pancakes with sour cream is on my menu.  I'll be posting a photo recipe for them later tonite.  Mmmmm, they sure are good.
     Happy Gardening!

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