Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More of my lovely Irises

I adore my Irises the first of spring.  The colors are beautiful and they are so tall and stalwart and eye-catching.
Today I spied these new babies in my garden:
Above:  Halloween Halo.  Yup, I finally remember the name of this variety.
Above:  The Hemstitched are going strong this week.

Above:  This is Painted Cloud.  Don't you just love that subtle lavender shade?  I have several of the white Immortality and the yellow Copyright displaying today, also.  Unfortunately, they will soon fade but then the peonies will be coming on.

We had a pinch of rain this morning.  In the 2 days my rain gauge tracked 1/8" of the wet stuff.  We could really use a little more but its still cloudy so maybe more is on the way.

I've been busy with my clearing out in the furnace room.  Got the Xmas stuff sorted, kept or tossed as the case may be.  I'm keeping very little.  In my hey day, I used to decorate the yard with my hubby, Santa and his sleigh and reindeer across the porch roof, lighted lambs on the porch itself, lighted snowmen and candy canes up the pathways and lights around bushes, porch, garage, and windows.  It wasn't as wild as many I've seen on TV, but it suited us.  We were able to handle it ourselves without adding extra electric current. 
These days, a tiny pre-lighted tree and a couple of lights in the windows and that's it for me.  I love Christmas, don't get me wrong.  I just don't like the putting up and taking down of everything.  But I've always got the Christmas spirit during the Holidays.

I have more to clear out but found that my hip isn't co-operating today.  I guess I overdid it yesterday with all those trips up and down flights of steps to get rid of things.  My plans are changed to taking it easy today instead.
Hooray for me, my garden is all set except for a few Basil plants I need to get outdoors, but alas, I don't know where to put them.  I think my best plan would be to tuck them in close to some of my tomato plants both in the Back 40 and in my flower garden. 
Have a good day and Happy Gardening!

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  1. Well I just typed some things back to you on this blog site and for the second time it completely erases what I typed when I hit the publish or preview button. Not sure what is going on but I just want to let you that I enjoy your blog because I enjoy hearing about your day and your gardening, etc.... So keep em coming!! :-)