Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Walk Thru My Garden Today....

I'm busy doing other things, but I took several minutes to walk thru my gardens and also to water the freshly seeded beds recently sown.
In the Back 40 where I still have some crops started this year, I have this bed with its Better Boy tomatoes mulched under newspaper, plus the Premium variety Broccoli, and some Winterbor Kale in the rear.
In another bed I've planted my Bubble variety Brussels sprouts.  They are looking healthy but I thought they'd be bigger by now.
This bed above has the perennial Onion chives going gangbusters this year, plus the first of my sugar snap peas sown for the season.
Another trellis of sugar snaps shares its bed with the coreopsis and also some purple coneflower which haven't grown up much from the bulbs planted this early spring.
This bed above is where I planted my tiny tomatoes and mulched them with newspaper.  On the far side are the baby peppers just transplanted so very recently.   These little babies are doing so well, I was amazed to see blossoms on a couple of them.
This Lizzano tomato is showing the very beginnings of some blossoms.
As is this Totem tomato with its little blossoms.
Among the determinates in another bed, the largest of the Better Boy tomatoes is sporting a few yellow blossoms as well.

In the flower bed where I've transplanted several indeterminate and determinate tomatoes, none are yet showing blossoms, but they went in later than the Back 40 tomatoes.
As you can see above, the garden toms are sharing their space with the lilies, Monarda, Ageratum and pretty close by, the Peonies which are just starting to blossom.
Its a lovely day here in Maine today, in the mid-70s and sunny.  We got the tiniest sprinkle of rain last night but I didn't need to water the beds.  I tested the soil with my tester and it showed it wasn't dry yet.
I hope everyone is having a good day.  Tomorrow I may have time to get out and weed a bit in the gardens.  I try to keep up with it so they don't get out of hand and so far, I'm managing well.
Well, I've got to go get some Chicken and Rice Soup made for supper tonite.  I've had a craving and I always make enough to share with family.

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