Sunday, June 7, 2015

Whew, I finally finished transplanting sweet peppers today.

I'm done.  The sweet peppers are all in as are some Genovese Basil and the Curled Parsley.  I even remembered to seed the Borage in the flower garden.
As I took a deep breath, I noticed the flowers.
I've forgotten this variety, but its a beauty with its edges kissed with gold.

And here's another Hemstitch blooming so prettily.

The good news is the 3 peony bushes are forming blossoms so they should be opening soon.  I have 3 different kinds and all lovely.
Temps. here today are in the 60sF and sunny.  A great day for working outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.
Last nite, tho, it dropped to 37*F here.  I'm thrilled I covered the new transplants with plastic (in the covered bed) and bottle cloches during the night.  Tonite should be our last really cool night here in southwestern Maine, expecting around 47*F.  Not too bad.
Then the nights will rise to the 50s which my crops will enjoy.
I hope everyone out there is getting their gardens ready for the new season.  Those further south are already enjoying blossoming tomato and pepper plants and even some eggplants. 
I never did start the eggplant this year so won't be having any.  I just hope the cucumbers do well this year.  I have 4 varieties growing.  On the Back 40 trellis (Summer Dance and Boston Pickling) and in two pots, Spacemaster and Bush Crop.  We'll see how they do in containers this year.  I know they were developed for containers, but that doesn't mean a prolific crop.  We shall see.
    Happy Gardening!

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