Friday, June 5, 2015

Shopped for some perennials today.  Got myself a couple of Salvia and a Coreopsis.  As soon as I put the 2 pots of Salvia in the garden, a butterfly visited.  They weren't even transplanted yet.
The one on the left is East Friesland which is purple and the one on the right is a blue, meadow sage Salvia de Pradera.  I wanted to have two different color variations side by side.  In front you can see some English Daisies.
The Coreopsis is in a bed with Lavender behind it and along the trellis in the far back, my sugar snap peas sown May 6th.  I'm mixing up the perennials with the veggies.

At Lowe's dollar counter where there were some cell packs that were past it, I found 3 packs of purple Ageratum annuals in pretty good shape.  They will go in the flower bed  today for added color.

We're having a lovely day here, in the high 50s to low 60sF with plenty of sunshine.  A good day to plant things except for the cool evening expected tonite.  I guess I'll do most of my gardening this weekend when the evenings will be warming up.  I've still got peppers and basil to put in along with sowing cucumber seeds and I'm even thinking of sowing some eggplant seeds in a pot. 

One of my Hemstitch Iris is blooming.  Its so pretty with its white flowers with the purple stitching along the leaf edges.  All that greenery around it is the leafy stems of  Monarda (bee balm) which is very prolific and comes back year after year with lots of color and beloved by bees.

I hope others are having good days for sowing and transplanting in the north.  I know the south is already in full swing with tall tomatoes and vines.  Happy Gardening!

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