Monday, June 22, 2015

I've got Hummers, really I do.

Each year I think the same pair come back to my yard and nest and feed.  This year I've seen a male and female Ruby-throated Hummer, but they are very elusive.  When I have my camera handy, they never show up and when I don't have my camera, there they are.
This time I tried to take a picture of a pair of females at one of the feeders from inside the house thru the mesh screen door and a glass storm door which didn't make for a clear photo.
There is a black pole holding up the feeder and on one side is one female and on the other is the 2nd female.  I'm thinking the 2nd one must be a fledgling from the nest or maybe one from last year came back along with the usual pair.
Next time I hope to get one while I'm outdoors so nothing will smudge the view of the hummers.
The carousel horse you see in blue and white is a decal on the storm door which is open during the summer.
Note to camera operators:  The view thru the mesh or a screen does not come out as clear as seen in the lens.
And so this isn't a wasted post, here's a photo of my Bowl of Beauty Peony bush as well.   
We had a total of 2.5 inches of rain the last 3 days and finally we got our sunshine a bit in the afternoons.  I won't have to water the gardens for a few days at least.  Works for me.
Happy Gardening!

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  1. I can sort of make out the two female humming birds. It is rare to see them up this way. Sometimes one will come and look for food but we don't have anything up to attract them either, so they skidaddle real quick. One thing we do attract with our Flox is humming bird moths. Have you ever seen one? They are pretty cool. The look like a miniature humming bird and are attracted to the color red as well as other similar traits.. When they first started appearing around here I recorded them and snapped tons of pics. I've told all kinds of people about some don't believe me til they see it for themselves.

    I really hope you get your perfect shot of your hummers and when it happens I can't wait to see the picture! Enjoy the lovely day we are to be having today!! :-)