Thursday, June 11, 2015

Name Tags for my Plants, a New Way.

I've written name tags on popsicle sticks, on plastic tags, and even on strips of venetian blinds.  Eventually they all wear off.
This time I tried something new.  Indelible ink on pieces of white cotton cloth that can easily be placed on stakes or cages or wire clothes hangers.
My tomatoes above have indeterminates with stakes to which I can add a cloth tag, plus the caged determinates.  I can cut a slit in one end of the tag and slide the other half thru and tighten it up on anything; wire hanger, bamboo pole, metal fence pole.  My concern will be the rain when it comes.  Will the ink stay.
Above is a Winterbor Kale tag attached to a wire hanger in front of the two kale in that patch of the flower bed.  I have a venetian blind tag in the ground for the kale but I know that will wash out.
And here's one attached to a cage for the Mountain Gold determinate tomato in front of a few potted plants.
The best thing about these tags is they are up closer to eye level where I can read them easily.  In the ground, the lush greenery eventually covers them up and the same holds true for just about any plant.
Let's see if this new method works for me.  I'll keep you posted.
I really could use a laundry marker, but didn't have one.
     Happy Gardening!


  1. That is a very neat idea, and I think I will try it too! All of your plants look lovely, you do such a great job gardening! I hope to someday grow things as good as you do!
    Also I see that you too are growing Columbine. I like how yours has white in the middle and pink on the outside. Mine are all a purplish pink. I love going over and checking on it daily. I'll have to send you a picture of our Copyright Irises, we have almost 200 blooms on 3 separate plants.

    Our peonies are getting closer to opening up and I can't wait to get a wonderful sniff of beautiful fragrance they have!! I have no idea what the name is of our Peonies but boy are they gorgeous! I think I may just have to try your chicken/rice soup, it looks and sounds yummy! Hope you are having a wonderful start to the weekend! Talk to you again soon!

    1. Christina, Theres's a trick about columbine. They self-seed but if you mix the varieties in a small area, they don't breed true to their original colors sometimes and get washed out.