Friday, June 12, 2015

Cucumber Seeds are Sprouting after 6 Days.

I'm so happy to see the little sprouts popping thru the soil today.  All my cucumber seeds, all sown on June 6th, are coming up, from the Back 40 in the raised berm to the two pots in my flower garden.
In the Back 40 in the raised berm with the trellis, these little Boston Pickling seeds have popped up.  I've kept them watered every day since sown.
On the other end of the trellis, I've sown Summer Dance cucumbers which are also coming up.  I hope to get enough to make freezer pickles this year.
At the head of my flower garden I've got this pot of Spacemaster cuke seeds sprouting.  They seem to be healthy and nodding their little heads.
Beside the Iris bed, I've got this clay pot of Bush Crop cucumber seeds just breaking the surface of the soil.  They don't get quite as much sun as the Spacemasters are getting in their spot.  I may have to move them if there's much difference in growth shown in the next week or so.

I nearly forgot to show you the first 2 blossoms on the sugar snap pea trellis.  I have 3 trellises this year, all sown 10 days apart and this was the first trellis.  The peas should be coming in pretty quickly now.

I'm also happy to report the peonies are forming nice little heads that should be opening in the next week or so....
as can be seen in this photo above.

And remember that Genovese Basil I just didn't know where I could tuck it in, well I found a place between a couple of tomato plants in the flower bed.
They say Basil and tomatoes do well growing together, so we'll see if that works.  All my basils, except for one in a pot, are growing beside a tomato plant.
Temperatures are forecast for the low 80sF today.  Unusual this time of year but I'm sure my crops are loving it.  As long as it doesn't get near the 90s I can handle it with just a fan in the house.  They claim we'll have some rain tonite, maybe even a t-shower or two.  Except for watering the new seeds beds, I'm leaving the watering to Mother Nature today.

Its a busy day for me today.  I'm having Game Day here at my apt.  We try to set aside one day a week for Games, taking turns on whose apt. we'll use for the day and who will prepare a nice lunch with dessert. 
A very good friend and I play card games or Scrabble or Cribbage for the afternoon, eat and talk and just enjoy ourselves hugely.  Today its my day but my friend, an excellent cook, insisted on bringing our lunch.  I can't wait to see what she's bringing.  I know it'll taste marvelous.
                    Happy Gardening!


  1. I am glad your cukes are popping up for you and boy you are right about your Peonies about to bloom soon. Mine are still just green and reddish balls with ants all over them. We've been getting a nice scent from these very tall trees that have these little white flowers on them, which now are covering the ground. When they fall it looks like it is snowing, lol. Snow that is just flower petals is my kind of snow! ;-)

    I have still not transplanted my green peppers yet. I am so afraid that they will die if I do, I want to be able to go to my garden this year and grab a nice ripe pepper and eat it just like an apple. I should mention that I LOVE green peppers. The sweet watery taste and the crunch, ooh I just love 'em!

    I wanted to wait and let the rain we are to get this evening water my plants but they were wilting a little so I figured they couldn't wait. I hope you enjoyed the games and lunch/dessert with your pal!! I also hope you both have a wonderful day! :-)

  2. If you like to eat peppers right from the garden, you must try the Lunchbox variety. They are very tiny and sweet and great for eating raw. Maybe next year you can try them.