Friday, June 26, 2015

Hummer and first Rose of season

Its nice to see at least one of my roses coming back this year so far.  The Japanese beetles did lots of damage to my roses in the last few years so if any of them come back this year, I'm happy.
This is a David Austin English rose, Camisole.  The apricot color is so pretty and it has a fresh, light scent.  I hope its not the only one I'll see this year.

This little female Ruby-Throated Hummer was finally captured on film.  They prove very elusive when I come outdoors.  They'll feed while my dog is out there, but when I come thru that door, they fly off to the trees.  I happened to be out taking other pictures when I spotted her back again.
Today in Maine, temps will be in the low 70sF and sunshine all day.  I love this kind of weather.
A cook-out this afternoon with my good friend is on the list for today.  Steaks on the grille.  Mmmmmm good!
Gosh, I've got to brag on this one.  This is a patio-size tomato, Totem.  During the rain storms before the last ones, this little plant was nearly drowned.  I knew it was in trouble.  The leaves were curling down upon themselves and the little thing looked so tired and emaciated.  I put her in the sunshine when I could and hoped for the best.  It seems to have worked.  She's perked up quite a bit and as you can see, there's the first fruit on the vine and more yellow blossoms across the small plant.  Pretty soon she'll be catching up with her fellow Totems in the Back40 that didn't suffer from the rains as badly since I was able to cover their raised bed with plastic.
The best thing is, I'll be able to pick a tomato or two when I want to add to a salad or just for nibbling, and right outside my doorway.  I also have a Lizzano, a Tiny Tim and a Tumbling Tiger in their pots outside the kitchen, all small tomatoes and handy.
I hope my fellow gardeners are recovering from the torrential rains we've been having but I know the Forest Service is happy the woods aren't tinder dry any longer.  There's always some good and bad news in Nature.
      Happy Gardening!

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  1. Your Rose is very pretty, I just love the scent of roses! Great work helping to revive your patio tom totem. I found a couple flowers on my tom plants but I don't really expect much from any of them because they have had a rough life so far, lack of knowledge on my part. My green beans were just starting to turn back to their dark green color, with this cloudy, cool and rainy weather i'm not sure what will happen!