Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hooray for a Quarter Inch of Rain Last Nite.

I'll take whatever Mother Nature wishes to provide.  I was hoping for more rain than a quarter inch, but it so refreshed the garden, I'm pleased.
The color of this Iris, Painted Cloud, as the sunlight frosted it, was so lovely this morning.
And this peony, with it Japanese name that I've forgotten, is the first of my three to open its blossoms to the sunshine.
In this little corner of the Iris bed you can find some Swiss chard growing, the Bright Lights variety, with one of my garden fairies nestled between them.  The soil is damp and fresh-smelling.  What gardener doesn't love that.
Temps will nearly reach 80 again today with sunshine.  A lovely weekend is lined up for the tourists in this area where they flock every summer to our Sebago Lake, the 2nd largest lake in the Maine.  Its just down the road from us and looking so beautiful with sunlight sparkling off the water.
            Happy Gardening!


  1. I agree that it is and has been a nice weekend. I think we earned it a little with all the crazy chilly weather we've been having, though it could have definitely been much worse!

    It is nice to have mother nature water our gardens for us! I certainly do appreciate it since we have water pump problems, which will not be a problem in just a few more days. We'll be busy putting in a new one and boy what a task that is! It will be well worth when we are done!!

    Today though I need to mow the lawn and put up the screen tent, which will be nice to be in when it is buggy out. Hope you have a great day! :-)

  2. That screen tent sounds lovely. A nice thing to have on the nice Maine days with cool breezes but nice sunshine. Enjoy.