Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yippee! My first Harvest, Sugar Snap Peas.

I had to check out the Back40 this morning after the tornado warnings and high wind reports last nite not far from here and thankfully all was well.  The sugar snap peas were leaning, so I strung them back to the fence posts and was able to pick my FIRST peas of the season.
I had sown my first pea seeds on April 13th so these took 73 days from that date to get big enough to eat.  I love sugar snaps.  I eat them off the vine like candy.  To me, they are best raw.
Luckily my gardens didn't suffer from the additional 1 1/2" of rain we got thru all day yesterday and last nite's winds.  In 5 days we reached 4" of rain on the rain gauge.  I'm happy I don't have to hand water for at least a week now. 
Today the sun is shining and tomorrow we expect the same.  We may reach 80F today but low humidity, and cooler tomorrow.  I had to get out early to tie up tomatoes and string some of them since they've grown so much with all the rain. 
I hope my fellow gardeners did not suffer from the high winds and rain and the tornado watch last nite.  I heard several limbs were torn from trees during that blustery time.  Maine rarely sees a tornado and when we do its mild, tearing off limbs that might fall on a roof or car but never tearing apart a home or picking up vehicles to scatter along the countryside.  For that I am grateful to live in Maine.
     Happy Gardening!

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  1. I got some damage on my brussel sprout plants but other than that nothing, from the winds. I am glad you got a nice treat! My Sugar snaps are doing okay too I have not checked on them in 3 days besides any watering they may have needed. But I think I will have to go have a looksee. I agree about them being great right off the vine, I too enjoy them that way. I love a lot of veggies raw. I like them cooked to but I like them more raw! Have a great day :-)