Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Favorite Garden Tool

As the years progress, I find that weeding my gardens is always the worst possible task for me.  I can't handle the bending for any long period of time and the task gets to be too much for this old body.
My favorite tool these days is my Telesco Weeder.  The business end of it that weeds is only 2"wide by 5" long and the handle is 4 1/2 feet long.  That little stirrup-type head is stationary and gets into the smallest places and can root out the tiniest weeds before they get dug in.
This photo above gives you an idea of the tool's size.  I'm not weeding those cukes out but just showing it as a comparison.

That little weed is history in a second here.  With a pull of the weeder, the weed is pulled out.

As seen under that Kale, its small enough to get beneath all the young plants without harming them.

The long handle makes it easy to use. As I check thru my gardens in the mornings, I'm taking this with me to root out the beginnings of any more weeds.  Very easy to use for even those of us more feeble than others.

I don't remember where I bought this since its been some years ago, but the name on the handle clearly states Telesco Weeder so maybe somewhere online there is a dealer that sells these.  I highly recommend it.
     Happy Weeding!
One of my readers found this on Amazon at:


  1. Ooooooh I need me one of those and so I am definitely going to look it up! I find myself pulling up weeds probably twice a day on average so far and boy what a pain in the back/knees it is, so this will be very helpful!! Thanks for telling me about the Telesco Weeder!! I hope you are having a nice day!!! :-D

  2. I know its made life easier for me at my age.