Monday, June 15, 2015

Experiment: Growing a double tomato in same spot.

OK, so I'm a softy.  I had started some Legend tomatoes and among the few that I grew, there was a double in one cell that I didn't notice.  They looked so healthy and fine in that cell, I didn't know which one to sacrifice.
So I didn't!
I transplanted them both together into one space in my flower beds.
Above is how that double Legend looks today, 2 weeks after transplanting.  Both plants are growing up side-by-side and doing well at this point.
Then a few days ago I was watching LoveYourGarden in Colorado on youtube and the gardener transplants four, yes I said four, plants together in her garden.  She starts 4 seeds in each cellpack and transplants them that way later.   She claims they hold each other up well and produce an amazing amount of produce this way and she's done it before and will continue to plant this way.   So maybe my taking a chance isn't so whacky an idea after all.
I can only experiment with my two and hope for the best.  I'll try to keep you posted on this twin's progress.   Keeping the bottom branches cut away for about a foot seems necessary for air flow and less soil borne diseases as in any other planting. As for me, I'm newspaper-mulching all my tomatoes to deter diseases from splashing. 
Keep watching to see how this experiments works out.
      Happy Gardenikng!


  1. That is amazing because you hear and see so much info telling gardeners to make sure each plant has enough space to grow. I love when things can work in a way opposite of the so called "Right Way"!! ;-) I look forward to hearing how the twins do through out this growing season!

  2. I'll be watching and posting on their progress. I'm curious to see if it works out.

  3. The humming bird is so cute. Glad you got a pic

  4. Yes, I adore the little hummers.