Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Blossoms for both Flowers and Crops

Its nice to see more blossoms in both the flower garden and the Back40 veggie beds.
The latest Peony is Bowl of Beauty.  Here's a close-up of one of the blossoms.

And above is the bush itself.

Karl Rosenfield is still looking so beautiful in her red gowns with only a few opened so far.

In the Back40 some of my broccoli, Premium Crop, are starting to form heads.

The tiny varieties of tomatoes in the Back40 have lots of blossoms and a couple of them are growing little tomatoes.

To keep you up-to-date on the double planting of my Legend tomatoes, here they are as they both grow taller together.  So far they are looking mighty healthy.

Even my Early Cherry Determinate in the flower bed is filling up with yellow blossoms.  I'm hoping for some tasty tomatoes soon.

Above is one of my Winterbor Kale among the flower beds.  That's lots of Ceratostigma popping up around it and the taller green upper right are some Raspberry Monarda.  The Ceratostigma is a lovely royal blue flower in late summer and early fall.  Mighty colorful and pretty for a low-growing plant.

Above is my little Fairy village near my kitchen doorway.  The greenery around this little village is all low-growing Ceratostigma.  This fall it will be outstanding with color.

We're expecting rain tomorrow afternoon again so I haven't watered anything today.  I think they can manage quite well without extra watering this week.
Everyone in New England, I hope you are finding that its a pleasure to finally get your crops in for our short season.  Good luck and Happy Gardening!

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  1. Wow everything looks amazing, you do a great job at gardening! Me i'm not having such a good year with my crops. I think i'll be lucky if I get anything other than two small heads of lettuce and hopefully some peas and brussel sprouts. I am not sure if its my fault or the weathers fault for how everything is turning out. I do know that I am a terrible gardener so far. I mean I am on year 3 and I am doing just as bad as year one! Year two wasn't bad.

    My husband and MIL said what I need is a green house. Something where I can practice all year long with learning to grow things well. I tell them yeah i'll keep dreaming, lol. Anywho these are lovely pics of your lovely garden. Have a good evening!