Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Pair of Canada Geese Visited Our Garden Today.

We had a lovely surprise today, Penny and I, when we took our suppertime walk today.  A pair of Canada Geese were browsing in our back garden.  With our approach, they wandered further along to the safe distance of the dam's parking lot beside the reservoir.
They weren't taking any chances with this human or her canine companion.  We made a quick visit to the garden and then I went inside to get my camera.  I didn't want to miss this chance for photos.

The river was running fast from the melt further north.  Snow and ice is fast making its way down the river these last couple of days.

Even with the sluice gates open to take the run-off, the water was running fast and white.

Our visitors got braver and came closer to the garden.

Then while one kept watch and didn't move except for eyes that scanned for danger, the other was able to graze on the new-growing grass at the end of the garden lawn.

In the meantime, Penny kept busy by checking out one of our birch trees and the new daffodils just blooming.

Our gardens are improving.  There's daffodils and now the iris greenery is starting to push thru the soil.  The Pampas Grass has all been cut back to make room for new, long rushes.

Its so nice to see flowers finally blooming.  A sure sign that spring has arrived.

Here are the other paper-bark birches with more daffies nodding their pretty heads.

It was a nice day to sit out and read on one of the patio benches.  Penny investigated all the trees and then settled to snooze by my feet as I read a book.  The sun felt really good even tho it didn't get above 60F today.  There was also a crisp breeze.  But much nicer than the winter winds and gusts of just a couple weeks ago.  And I'm not sorry to see the last of our snow.

Have a good day.

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