Monday, April 3, 2017

Another African Violet on My Windowsill.

I bought another violet to sit on my windowsill and bring me a smile.
This is a pretty bluish-lavender and goes well with my others.

My trio of violets brings me a smile whenever I look out that window. 

The robins were hunting along the uncovered lawn today.  Higher temps. melted a lot of the lawn snow so that's a good thing.

My Farmer's Cheese was very, very bland.  No flavor at all, even tho' it was salted.  My next venture is to try Lithuanian Farmer's Cheese which has eggs in it and apple cider vinegar and sour cream.  Maybe with those additions I'll find the flavor I remember and enjoy.  If that one comes out well, I'll give you all a photo pictorial on how to make it.

We have another 8 inches of snow expected tomorrow along with sleet both late tonite and tomorrow.  Another day to hibernate for me.  I know its a good thing for our ground water and wells and the forests, but heck, its April.  I was hoping for sunshine and blossoms on trees.

Have a nice day.

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