Saturday, April 1, 2017

More on Snowstorm Theseus April First

I took a few more photos of this storm when I took Penny out for her noon walkies.
Penny trying to negotiate the snow that's accumulated.  She has short legs so its sometimes an effort for her to get thru even this 7-8 inches. 

The trees in the back garden still look pretty, though its starting to melt a bit.  A forest of white cotton balls.

A view of the bridge over the river and a couple of trees showing snow.

The river I see along our pathway

The melting is helping with snow removal.  Its sliding away across the windows of cars and under the cars as well.  That's my car, the white one about in the middle of this photo. Early this morning I could not see any part of my car windows or lights or sides.  Now with the help of higher temps this afternoon, I won't have much clearing up to do.

A long view of our back garden area.

The garden plots themselves are buried under a white blanket.

I sincerely hope this is the last winter storm.  The snow has slowed down a lot and the air has warmed so the snow falling on plowed streets and driveways is melting on contact.  Its a good thing.
Have a good day!

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