Thursday, April 13, 2017

All Flowers Are In Place in WH

My wallhanging is coming along.  I have all the flowers tacked in place.  Now its time to find some more greenery to add and a fairy.  The leading will come after everything is in place.
Here is 'Flowers in Season' to date.   They are all Irises and Roses.  Some greenery is needed before starting to do the leading.  Also finding a fairy to add to the mix. 

We had a lovely sunny day today but not the 70F they predicted, only in the high 50sF.  But that's OK.  The weekend will be warmer and the 70sF may hit us on Sunday, which is Easter.  What a nice thing for all the little children that dress up for Easter church.  Do they still do that? Dress up?
My kids were always dressed to the nines with white patent leather shoes and a frilly dress for my daughter with matching coat, hat and white gloves and a little suit and tie for my son.  Those tiny suits were adorable in my day, the 1950s and 1960s.

Have a good day.

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