Friday, April 14, 2017

I Found a Fairy.

Yes, I found a fairy I could incorporate into my 'Flowers in Season' wallhanging and added it this morning.  When all the leading is done, it will be a good fit, I think.

Here's the plan to date.  I need to get started on leading.  I think there's enough greenery after all.  I don't want to drown the art of the flowers.

This is a sketch of a cat I will use in my next quilt art.  I'm thinking black cat for Halloween and making it a festive piece of holiday art.  Stalking on the windowsill with a view of pumpkins in the field outdoors.  That would suit the premise.  I can easily install this sketch into my proposed scene that's brewing in my brain.

Thank you to a dear friend, Christina, who sent me the sketch book for my recent birthday knowing I love to draw my patterns myself.  This is the 3rd cat I drew, but the others I will save for other garden art with flowers and butterflies.  Thank you again Christina.

Its sunny and bright outdoors today in the 50sF.  Dog Penny and I are going out soon to sit in the sun and she can dawdle in the garden while I sit and read on the bench.  A nice way to spend a half hour or so before plunging into my indoor projects.  I have lots of leading to do on two wallhangings now so that should take precedence before I get into the Halloween project.  Sometimes I get ahead of myself but I'm reining myself in today.

In the meantime I've seen the daffodils starting to bud out in the back garden and the rhododendrons in the front garden are looking eager to start.

Have a nice day.

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